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SURF 97.3 FM is a true community radio station, locally operated by volunteers from the Flagler Beach community. Local people create programming, design events, and keep the station up and running and on the air. All this programming to our "not-for-profit" radio station is made possible thanks to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers and generous donations from people like you. (Click "Read More" below)



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Thank you letter

"Just found you online while checking out our new Florida neighborhood. We just bought a house at Sunset Inlet in Beverly Beach, you know those new three story beach homes north on A1A, and we are exploring the area by internet until we move in, around mid-June. We enjoy your playlist along with the weather and surf reports, news breaks, and local business public announcements. I am a rock/soul guy with Detroit roots, wife is a pop girl who is coming around. (Click "Read More" below)


Michelle Brown makes a "Splash" in Flagler with her new attractions show!

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Michelle Brown

Michelle Brown is a Tourism Insider for Flagler County and the official Tourism Ambassador of Surf 97.3 fm radio. She’s a board member of the Flagler Beach Area Council, sits on the Economic Development Task Force for the city of Flagler Beach and chairs the Diplomats at the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce… oh, and did we mention that she owns and runs Flagler Beach Gift Shop in her spare time! You can check it out at www.FlaglerBeachGiftShop.com