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Surf 97.3 FM streams live here online. For mobile devices or if the stream does not start automatically, simply click the play arrow button on the player below. Listening here on our website stream online is same programming that is playing on the FM radio dial locally on 97.3 FM in Flagler Beach, FL. You can also see the current and previous songs that were playing.

    Tunetown with Jiffy Jeff

    • Sunday: 5:00AM - 7:00AM
    Jiffy Jeff
    Oldies & Rarities

    Tune Town with Jiffy Jeff. Jeff collected obscure and records that just did not get the air play they deserved, since he was a wee little tike. He wanted to share all these great finds with other music fans that would appreciate them as he did. Rarely any radio stations to this day, play these and other big name artists. such as Brenda Lee, Elvis, Del Shannon, Patsy Cline and many many big names from Regional area's that did not get national air play. Whether it was no pay ola no play ola, or just did not get promoted to get played. So many neighborhood (garage bands) and little record lables that just got lost in the big names like the beatles, beach boys ect.

    The covered time frame is mostly from 1958 to 1966 pop, teeners, rock and roll. and a bit of country. No head bangin music, or pure noise that followed that era. Jiffy Jeff's attempt is to make it sound like radio did back in the 60s corny jokes, dumb skits, and the good, the bad and some of the worst songs recorded. With visiting charcters such as Large Marge the school cafeteria lady. Leroy the little guy,(convict), the wmoz weather bird, woody pecker. Revernd jiffy send me some money jeff., and many more, weird news and old jingles and old car commercials and of of course car tunes for all the the car clubs.
    So tune in to the most politicly incorrect show on the planet. In his own words words, "I am old and just can't take it anymore." That's Tune Town with Jiffy Jeff. Wake up every Sunday morning from 7 am to 10 am with the greatest lost oldies of all time as he digs deep into the rock n roll vaults and adds some morning musical comedic mayhem, artists interviews and a cool retro radio sound here on Surf 97.3 FM.

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    Images From Flagler Beach, FL.