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Surf 97.3 FM streams live here online. For mobile devices or if the stream does not start automatically, simply click the play arrow button on the player below. Listening here on our website stream online is same programming that is playing on the FM radio dial locally on 97.3 FM in Flagler Beach, FL. You can also see the current and previous songs that were playing.

    DJ Joey M. - Big Band Show

    • Monday: 7:00PM - 8:00PM
    DJ Joey M. - Big Band Show
    Trop Rock, Beach & Island

    Joe Meneo aka DJ Joey M.

    I started in music at an early age and by age 14 I was in a band playing at drop in centers for teenagers. Enjoyed performing and it went on for a while during high school. Started in sports my junior year started to play football springboard diving and pole vaulting and you can imagine it took all my time. I still played music and took up the banjo when Deliverance came out playing the guitar made it much easier cuz I knew theory.

    In the Air Force I was stationed in Illinois and the banjo was very popular out there and I learned a lot of new licks, it was a lot of fun. I met a music teacher at the University of Illinois and he wanted me to teach the banjo. I had a solo act for a while but most of my years were working cuz I learned that a very young age if you don't make it in music early you're just going to struggle.

    So fast forward I'm so happy to be with Surf 97.3 FM especially turning big band songs because I grew up with that type of music. My mother was a professional singer at a young age and they liked all the old standards. I guess it rubbed off on me too. I've been with surf 97.3 for a while as a sponsor representative and I'm so happy that Vern the owner gave me a chance to do my show. The crew at the station are great we all work together and help each other out and for a good cause. What I like to say is do what you enjoy and you'll become successful..

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    Images From Flagler Beach, FL.