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Surfin' Dudes

Capt. Nick Nicholson

Capt. Nick

Surf 17 welcomes Capt. Nick as part of our on air DJ personalities. The Capt. specializes in Trop-Rock which is the music made famous by musician Jimmy Buffet. Nick is a walking encyclopedia of this style of music. For this reason, he was chosen to spin the cool beach sounds here on our station.

Capt. Ron Kay

Capt. Ron Kay2

It was Cap’t Ron Kay’s big sister who inadvertently lit the fuse to his radio interest explosion. Ron was only 9 years old when Carolyn, who was just becoming a teenager, became a regular winner of a weekly contest on the local radio station. One of the prizes was to be the guest host of the next week’s show. The whole family would be at the radio station whenever Carolyn announced the top ten songs, and the future Cap’t Ron had his nose pressed up against the studio window, deciding right then and there -- “That’s what I wanna do!”

Dave "The Rave" Kapulsky

Dave "The Rave" Kapulsky

There are plenty of "oldies but goodies" shows on the radio that like to countdown the hits. Dave the Rave's Relics and Rarities Show doesn't count down anything.

Dennis King

Dennis King

Dennis King AKA DJ the DJ and his Island Time Radio show is on Sundays from 12 noon until 2 PM here on Surf 97.3 FM.

DJ Surfin' Vern

DJ Vern In Studio

Laverne Shank, a.k.a. Vern, grew up around Philadelphia, PA with an early start in the music field. While in school, Vern was in band, chorus and stage and he also played guitar. Vern was cast for a small part as an extra in the movie "Witness" starring Harrison Ford that was being filmed in his old hometown. The experience made Vern catch the "bug" to go to "Hollywood".

Jeff Bleiel

Jeff Bleiel

Jeff Bleiel created Wilson Beach Radio and syndicated his show featuring the music of The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, and friends and associates of The Beach Boys. In addition to the hits and classic Beach Boys album tracks, the show spotlights solo tracks by the members of the Beach Boys, covers of Beach Boys songs, and music by artists influenced by Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. For more information on the show, visit

Mark "Tiki" Woods

Mark "Tiki" Woods 2

Mark Woods, aka TikiTender, is a DJ radio personality on our station. He is also a bartender, owns a business called Fun Coast Bartending and is a social media specialist. DJ Tiki's outgoing personality, his knowledge and love for beach music, especially, reggae, ska & calypso, is what landed him his role as a DJ personality at Surf 1700.

Rick “Noodles” Horvath


Rick "Noodles" Horvath has been a familiar staple on the East Coast music scene for many years. A founding member of NY’s “Sorethumb”, he also performed with “Only In America” until their breakup in 2003. He was also fortunate to share the stage with Jimmy Buffett for an unannounced appearance at Margaritville, FLA.

Tim Baker

Tim Baker

Tim Baker was born and raised in Rhode Island. He was exposed to music at an early age thanks to his hippy, older brothers and was the only kid in the third grade to know who Creedence Clearwater Revival was and what Woodstock meant.

His musical influences started with the Beatles and the music of the 60s and then progressed through Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and such in the 70s. Although he loves all forms of music his go-to music is the Rock and Roll of his youth.

Images From Flagler Beach, FL.